Co-ops in 70 countries - proud to be a co-op!

Co-operative Identity is a key pillar of the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.  Our aim is for the Co-operative Identity to become one of the best know ethical marques in the world by 2020 with users in 100 countries.  Since we launched the Marque in Cape Town last November we have received 686 successful applications to use it, 56% of whom already had a .coop domain name.  More than 70% of those that did not have a .coop domain at the time of applying went on to register one in order to ‘complete’ their co-operative identity and demonstrate their pride in being a co-op.

To date almost half of all applications for the COOP Marque are from the Americas Region, 34% are from Europe, 11% from Asia and Pacific Region and 7% from Africa.  Of the 331 applicants from the Americas Region 129 were from Central and South America and 141 from North America, of which 105 were based in the United States and 66 were from Canada. 

You can follow our progress on Facebook and on Twitter @DomainsdotCoop where we would encourage you to use the hashtag for the Blueprint #coops2020.

A new visual identity for the global co-operative movement

The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade argues that greater visibility for the co-operative model will lead to more awareness by consumers of the benefits of choosing co-op products and services over their alternatives.  In order to achieve this greater visibility, and under the guidance of the Alliance’s Communications Committee, in January 2013 a brief was issued to 29 worldwide branding and design agencies to develop a new global visual identity for co-operatives.  Capable of almost unlimited application, contemporary and business-like and fit for cross-border use, the new identity was set to replace the rainbow flag and the logo of the Alliance. 

Designed by British worker co-operative Calverts, with research support from the Barcelona and Buenos Aires-based Guerrini Island Design, and signature images produced by BrandOutLoud from The Hague, the new identity was guided by survey feedback from over 1000 respondents in 86 countries.

The global Co-operative Marque, with its associated slogan, colour palette, messages, signature images and brand language was launched at the Alliance’s Global Conference and General Assembly in Cape Town in November 2013. 

Under the management of (a subsidiary of the Alliance) a new website, was also developed, bringing together registrations for .coop and the Marque.  Used together the Marque and a .coop domain demonstrate our unity of purpose.  Adopters of the global Co-operative Identity are encouraged to place the new Marque on their website homepage, email signatures, advertising and promotions, products and packaging, in order to help make people more aware of their options when faced with the choice between a co-operative or an investor or privately-owned business.  Co-operatives are asked to use the .coop domain as their primary web extension and email address. 

Our aim is for the Co-operative Identity to become one of the best known ethical marques in the world by 2020 with users in 100 countries. By mi July 2014, over 660 applications to use the Marque had been granted in 70 countries, 376 of which already had a .coop domain.  During this period a third of applicants for the Marque requested a .coop domain name – many of whom took advantage of the First Year Free offer.   

Happy 92nd International Co-operative Day


A big thank you to all 640 co-ops from 70 countries who have stepped forward to fly the Co-op flag by adopting the global visual identifier. The latest countries to join this week are St Kitts & Nevis and Cameroon. We now have a shared identity that is free to apply for.  What better way to celebrate our day than by using it? Apply at

Here’s the full list of countries:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
Korea, Republic of
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Russian Federation
St. Kitts & Nevis
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United States

Co-operative Identity Toolkit launched


A Toolkit to encourage more organisations to complete their Co-operative Identity with a .coop domain and the Co-operative Marque has been launched by this week.  The Toolkit includes a downloadable a poster, video tutorials, editorial, buttons for your website and newsletters and a multi-lingual banner, all designed for use in member communications.  The poster “Seven reasons to adopt the global co-operative identity” has been designed by Calverts, a worker co-op based in the UK who developed the Co-operative Marque, and encourages co-ops to be proud about their identity and show their support for the global movement. 

Identity forms a pillar of the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.  The Blueprint explains that the greater the visibility of the co-operative model will help make more people aware of what they are choosing when faced with the option between a product or a service from a co-operative or an investor or privately-owned business.  To deliver this greater visibility we’re encouraging co-operatives to register and use a .coop domain and apply for and use the global Co-operative Marque. To date more than 550 co-ops in 67 countries have the Marque and there are over 6000 .coop registrations in 74 countries.  Working together we will achieve our aim for the Co-operative Identity to become one of the best known ethical marques in the world by 2020 with users in 100 countries, and the new Toolkit is key to achieving this.

To use the Marque apply at and you can see the full list of successful applicants here.  The Co-operative Marque Guidelines are available in English, French and Spanish and can be downloaded here

Download the Toolkit today. 

Proud to be a co-op?

The media spotlight is upon the UK’s co-operative movement which is undoubtedly facing unprecedented challenges.  However, there is a greater story to be told. There are over 6,000 co-operatives in the UK and our co-operative identity is what unites and differentiates us from other forms of business.  So what better time to rally around the co-operative flag and complete YOUR Co-operative Identity with the COOP Marque and a .coop domain?

Using the new Co-operative Marque on your reports, website, email signature, products, packaging, and advertising shows you are part of a global movement.  Once you have registered your .coop make sure that you use it for your website and emails.  Don’t hide behind other domains – be proud that you’re a co-op!  And if you’ve not had a .coop before then it is free for the 1st year.

Apply at

Don’t hide behind a .com, .org or a .net - you’re a co-operative!

This week I had the pleasure of speaking on an National Co-operative Business Association webinar about co-operative identity.  It was a lot of fun - if not a little nerve racking as my lovely colleague Gareth Price and I geared up, hoping that all of the technical aspects of the presentation worked - no mean feat as we were in the UK and Amy Bucaida at NCBA was 3500 miles away!

We need not have worried though - we survived!

One of the things we talked about on the webinar was our ability as a movement not to use all of the tools available to us to promote our “co-opiness” - a lovely word coined by Thomas Bowen at the NCBA!

Let me explain: there are hundreds of thousands of co-ops in the world, co-ops account for 100 million jobs and one billion people are members of a co-op.  Yet there are only 7500 .coop registrations.

Compare this to 15 million for .net, 10 million for .org and a massive 100 million for .com.  

Why do so many co-operatives continue to purchase capitalist domain when they could invest in a .coop?  And of course the more of us that do register a .coop the cheaper they will become because the technical infrastructure for each of these domains, and the many others, is the same.

We are not doing too badly though - nearly 4,500 organizations in 82 countries use a .coop, giving a clear indication that they are not a .com or a .org; but that they are owned by their members and run by co-operative principles.

Together we can deliver a Co-operative Decade - but only if we work co-operatively and are proud to show our co-operative identity, giving people options when faced with the choice between a co-operative or an investor or privately owned business.

You can register for the global Co-operative Marque and a .coop, which is free for the first year if you’ve not had one before, by visiting our website

Have a lovely May Bank Holiday


Artic co-ops take 34 .coop domain names!

Arctic Co-operatives, a federation of co-operative enterprises in Canada’s Arctic community, is one of the latest organisations to register for the .coop domain. The federation, which is owned and controlled by 31 community-based co-operative enterprises, includes some of the most northerly co-operatives in the world.

Last month the team at received a request from Roger Bouchard the VP of Arctic Co-operatives, to register 34 .coop domain names so that their members could promote their co-operative identity online.  Artic co-ops is a federation located in Winnipeg, MB, that provides IT support and other services to 32 member co-operatives located in the Northwest and Nunavut Territories.  They registered 34 new .coop domains under the ‘First Year Free’ offer including their own:

Co-op members in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories encompass a wide variety of cultures, dialects and traditional knowledge, and the existing sharing culture has played a key role in the success of the co-operative.

Community owned co-operatives in the Arctic are multi-purpose businesses that provide a variety of services to their members and communities. Services provided by local co-operatives include retail stores, hotel and tourism operations, cable television, arts and craft marketing, fuel distribution, construction and heavy equipment services, property rental and agency services.

In 2012, member co-operatives reported total revenues of USD $196.7m (£118.3). The co-ops are owned and controlled by their 23,600 members and they also employ 900 people in the region.

Apply for your .coop domain and a the COOP Marque at 


Fairtrade empowers women to play leading roles in their communities. Irene Kijara, 35, has three children, is a teacher by profession and also manages her own tea farm near Fort Portal in Uganda, employing 15 people.
She is also a treasurer for a committee that decides how to spend Fairtrade Premiums for community development and she is teaching and inspiring other women. Irene says “I am here as a representative of the women farmers who elected me. Other women have seen what I do. They are starting to look after their farms and realize they too can be strong and independent of men. Working for the committee has helped me to do this.”
She also adds “the rules are rigid and clear so no-one can deceive me – because I am a woman and I am clever!’
Via Fairtrade Foundation


Fairtrade empowers women to play leading roles in their communities. Irene Kijara, 35, has three children, is a teacher by profession and also manages her own tea farm near Fort Portal in Uganda, employing 15 people.

She is also a treasurer for a committee that decides how to spend Fairtrade Premiums for community development and she is teaching and inspiring other women. Irene says “I am here as a representative of the women farmers who elected me. Other women have seen what I do. They are starting to look after their farms and realize they too can be strong and independent of men. Working for the committee has helped me to do this.”

She also adds “the rules are rigid and clear so no-one can deceive me – because I am a woman and I am clever!’

Via Fairtrade Foundation

UK’s co-operative movement is at the forefront of new Marque take-up

In the last few weeks we’ve seen the number of applicants for the Marque steadily grow and co-op organisations from four new countries sign up. We now have 365 co-operatives using the Marque from 63 countries, the most recent being Chile, Congo, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Of the 365 applications the Top 10 of highest number applicants were from:

  1. United Kingdom - 17.5%
  2. Canada - 11.2% 
  3. Colombia - 9.8%
  4. United States - 7.4%
  5. Spain - 5.2%
  6. Mexico – 4.9%
  7. Brazil – 4.3%
  8. Nigeria – 3.8%
  9. Argentina – 2.5%
  10. South Africa – 2.2% 

54% of successful Marque applicants already had a .coop domain name, helping to promote the co-operative identity on line and in print, publications and packaging.  And 83% of those that did not have a .coop domain name before visiting our dedicated application website have requested one, which is wonderful news.  Thank you so much! 

Together a .coop domain name and the Co-operative Marque are symbols of the global co-operative movement and of our collective identity; demonstrating our unity of purpose.   Use the Marque and help make more people aware of their options when faced with the choice between choosing a product or a service from a co-operative or an investor or privately-owned business.

Visit or contact us at to register your .coop web address and use the global Co-operative Marque. If you’ve not had a .coop before you can get the first year free! Visit our Facebook page which is dedicated to promoting our co-operative identity or Follow up on Twitter @DomainsDotCoop to see the latest applicants.

See the full Register of successful applicants for the Marque here.

Co-operative Marque reaches 60 countries


Today we can celebrate our the 60th country to use the global Marque. The Dominican Republic has joined the Register with a successful application from Comité Nacional de Jóvenes Cooperativistas.  Here’s the full list:

Cooperativa Arcop Ltda. Argentina
Cooperativa agropecuaria Union de Justiniano Posse Ltda. Argentina
Casa Cooperativa de Provisión Sunchales Limitada Argentina
Confederación Cooperativa de la Republica Argentina Argentina
Cooperativa de Electricidad y Aguas Corrientes de Gral. Levalle Limitada Argentina
FACE Argentina
Instituto Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos Coop. Ltda. (IMFC) Argentina
Citizens Cooperative Australia
South East Housing Co-operative Ltd Australia
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals Australia
Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH Group) Australia
Co-operative Federation of Victoria Ltd Australia
Northcote Rental Housing Co-operative Australia
Cera Belgium
Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide Belgium
International Co-operative Alliance Belgium
Euro Coop Belgium
Stadsboerderij Kortrijk Belgium
Coopkracht Belgium
Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives Bhutan
Happy Green Cooperatives Bhutan
Cooperativa Rural de Electrificación Ltda Bolivia
Cooperativa de Crédito dos servidores dos poderes legislativos do Estado de Minas Gerais e do seu órgão auxiliar Ltda. - Sicoob Cofal Brazil
Transforma Brazil
Cooperativa de Crédito de Livre Admissão de Associados Pioneira da Serra Gaúcha Brazil
Cooperativa de Produção e Abastecimento do Vale do Itajaí Brazil
Cooperativa SICOOB Credicenm Brazil
OCB Brazil
Organização das Cooperativas Brasileiras do Espírito Santo Brazil
Sicredi Pioneira RS Brazil
Unimed do Brasil Brazil
Sistema Ocemg Brazil
Unisaude Brazil
Cooperabrasil (Twitter) Brazil
Cooperativa de Economia e Crédito Mútuo da Sabesp Brazil
FGV Brazil
Central Cooperative Union Bulgaria
Common Thread Cooperative Canada
Coopérative de developpement regional de l’Estrie Canada
Coopérative de Solidarité l’Espace Gastronome de Laval Canada
Country Hills Housing Co-operative Inc. Canada
Ethical Coffee Chain Trade Co-operative Inc. Canada
Green Campus Co-operative Canada
North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. Canada
Sapperton Terrace Housing Co-operative Canada
Bread and Roses Co-operative Homes Inc. Canada
Alberta Community and Co-operative Association Canada
BC Co-operative Association Canada
Canadian Co-operative Association Canada
Centre for the Study of Co-operatives Canada
Coopérative de developpement regional Quebec-Appalaches Canada
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada Canada
Fédération québécoise des coopératives en milieu scolaire Canada
Global Co-operative Development Group Inc Canada
Incipe Workers’ Cooperative Canada
International Co-operative Alliance Housing Sectoral Organisation Canada
International Summit of Cooperatives Canada
Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative Canada
Manitoba Cooperative Association Canada
Ontario Co-operative Association Canada
Saskatchewan Co-operative Association Canada
Sustainability Solutions Group Canada
The Co-operators Canada
Williams Lake and District Credit Union Canada
Alliance Committee on Co-operative Research Canada
Atlantic Co-operative Publishing Canada
Coopérative Caucus Canada
Réseau de la coopération du travail du Québec Canada
Coopérative de développement régional de Lanaudière Canada
Orion Coopérative de Recherche et de Conseil Canada
Village Green Co-operative Homes Inc. Canada
Co-op Canada Accelerator Canada
The Calgary News Co-op Canada
Saint Mary’s University Canada
Aerographics Creative Services Canada
All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives China
Conficoop: Cooperativa Multiactiva La Confianza Colombia
Copacentro Colombia
Federacion de Empresas de Economía Solidaria del Oriente Colombiano Colombia
Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia Colombia
Cooperativa de los Trabajadores del ISS Colombia
Cooperativa De Ahorro Y Credito Cootraunion Colombia
Cooperativa Multiactiva de Bomberos Colombia
Coopebis Colombia
Cooperativa de Empleados favi-utp Colombia
Cooperativa de Empleados de Suramericana y Filiales Colombia
Coasmedas Colombia
Coprocenva Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Colombia
Cooperativa Multiactiva de Comerciantes de San Victorino  COOMERSANV Colombia
Asociacion Colombiana Cooperativas Colombia
Confecoop Antioquia Colombia
Confecoop Valle Colombia
Confederacion de Cooperativas de Colombia Colombia
Cooperativa del Magisterio de Cundinamarca Colombia
Cooperativa del Magisterio de Risaralda COODELMAR Colombia
Cooperative de Aporte Y Credito - COOCRESER Colombia
La Equidad Seguros O.C. Colombia
William Mauricio Prieto Bustamante Colombia
Incubadora Empresarial Colombia Solidaria-Gestando Colombia
Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Cooservunal Colombia
Cooperativa de los Trabajadores del ISS Colombia
Asociación Antioqueña de Cooperativas - Confecoop Antioquia Colombia
Redesonica Colombia
Cooperativa de Trabajadores de la Fundacion Valle del Lili Colombia
Fundacion Fondecom Colombia
Coopetivives R.L. Costa Rica
International Co-operative Alliance Americas Region Costa Rica
Cyprus Turkish Co-operative Central Bank Ltd Cyprus
Czech and Moravian Consumer Cooperatives Czech Republic
Comité Nacional de Jóvenes Cooperativistas Dominican Republic
Organismo de Integración Cooperativa Regional Ecuador
Servicios y Educación Cooperativa Ecuador
Finanzas & Cooperativas Ecuador
dept. of cooperatives,lcds,Ambo University Ethiopia
Pellervo, Confederation of Finnish Co-operatives Finland
SOK Corporation Finland
FNCC France
Hôtel du Nord France
Iberia Georgia
Genossenschaftsforum e.V. (Forum of Housing Cooperatives) Germany
Young Farmers League Cooperative Society Ghana
K.A.P.A. Network Greece
Stevia Hellas Cooperative Greece
Confecoop Guatemala Guatemala
Cooperativa Sagrada Familia Honduras
Hódmezővásárhely és Környéke ÁFÉSZ Hungary
Valence Entrepreneurs Dogma of India Cooperative Limited (Vedic Limited) India
National Federation of State Cooperative Banks Ltd (NAFSCOB) India
Coop Manager India
The Delhi State Consumers Co-operative Federation Ltd. India
Cooperative Plantation Tajul Hayah Indonesia
Koperasi Kredit Cu Rejeki Indonesia
DEKOPIN (the Indonesian Cooperative Council) Indonesia
Irish Cooperative Organization Society (ICOS) Ireland
NABCO (National Association of Building Co-operatives) Ireland
Co-operative Support Services Limited Ireland
Dublin Food Co-operative Ireland
VoxWorld.Coop Ireland
COOP Israel Israel
The Cooperatives Alliance for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice Israel
Legacoop Ferrara Italy
Generazioni - Under 40 y.o. Co-operators Network of Legacoop Italy
Legacoop Liguria Italy
Betania società cooperativa sociale O.N.L.U.S. Italy
Arcadia Cooperativa Sociale Italy
Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union Japan
Japanese Health and Welfare Co-operative Federation Japan
ZENROSAI (National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives) Japan
Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union Japan
Co-operative Development Foundation of Africa Kenya
International Co-operative Alliance Africa Region Kenya
iCOOP Korea Korea, Republic of
Korean National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Korea, Republic of
NACF Korea, Republic of
Malta Co-operative Federation Malta
Vista Coop Malta
Consultoria profesional para la iniciativa social, SC de RL de CV Mexico
Cooperativa de Vivienda Mathzi SC de RL de CV Mexico
Federación ALIANZA Mexico
Union de Cooperativas de Actividades Diversas del Estado de Chihuahua Mexico
Union de Cooperativas Prospectiva Empresarial Nacional Mexico
Universidad Cooperativa Oswaldo G. Reyes Mora Mexico
Ingeniería Biotecnológica Ambiental Sustentable y Acuícola Mexico
Universidad Biotecnológica y de Investigación de la Frontera Norte Mexico
Caja Popular Alianza Arboledas SC DE AP DE RL DE CV Mexico
Caja Popular Mexicana Mexico
Confederación de cooperativas de ahorro y préstamo de México Mexico
Federación UNISAP S.C de R.L de C.V Mexico
Confederación Nacional Cooperativa de Actividades Diversas de la República Mexico
Caja Popular Apaseo El Alto Mexico
Union de Mujeres Trabajando en Cooperativas A.C. Mexico
Mongolian Cooperative Alliance /formerly Mongolian National Cooperators’ Association Mongolia
National Co-operative Development Board Nepal
Nepal Information and Communication Central Cooperative Union Ltd. Nepal
Central Tea Cooperative Federation (CTCF ) Ltd. Nepal Nepal
The New Zealand Association of Credit Unions New Zealand
Huia CDS Ltd New Zealand
Cooperative Business New Zealand New Zealand
Cooperativa de Educacion Nuestra Señora de la Merced Nicaragua
community interest consulting cooperative society limited Nigeria
Firs Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited Nigeria
ITAD-Cooperative Nigeria
NNPC Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited Lagos Nigeria
BUA Sugar (Apapa) Staff  Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited Nigeria
NUT (LIB) Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd Nigeria
Federal Ministry of Transport/Aviation, NCAA, NAMA, AIB Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd Nigeria
Earn Link Universal Co-operative Nigeria
Hospital Service Commission Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd Nigeria
CAAP thrift and loans cooperative group Nigeria
Cooperative Support Services Ltd Nigeria
Lagos State Cooperative Federation Nigeria
The LEAD CO-operative and Investment Society Ltd Nigeria
Karachi Co-operative Hpousing Societies Union Ltd. Pakistan
Coopelatina r.l Panama
Confederación Latinoamericana de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito (COLAC) Panama
Ahorro, Creditos y servicios Paraguay
Confederación Paraguaya de Cooperativas Limitada Paraguay
Panal Compañia de Seguros Generales S.A. - Propriedad Cooperativa Paraguay
Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito “Crl. Francisco Bolognesi Ltda.” Peru
Cooperativa la Alternativa Peru
Credicoop Peru
Pantok Multi-Purpose Cooperative Philippines
Kabayanihan Credit Cooperative Philippines
National Confederation of Cooperatives Philippines
JuanRewards Multipurpose Cooperative Philippines
National Cooperative Council Poland
National Supervision Union of Spolem Consumer Co-operatives Poland
National Auditing Union of Workers’ Co-operatives Poland
Foundation of Assistance Programmes for Agriculture FAPA Poland
iTTCOOP Puerto Rico
Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation Russian Federation
Development Cooperative eTRI Slovenia
Union of the Somali Cooperative Movements Somalia
Abelimi Farming Multi-Purpose Primary Co-operative South Africa
African Press Trust South Africa
Rural South Africa Tertiary Cooperative South Africa
Skill Village 2030 Secondary Cooperative Ltd South Africa
Tessera Development Solutions South Africa
Fingerprint Co-operative Ltd South Africa
South African Youth Co-operative Network South Africa
Encomun, S. Coop. Galega Spain
Teixugo S.Coop. Galega Spain
TZBZ Spain
Escuela 2 Coop. V. Spain
CESTOLA na CACHOLA, S. Coop. Galega Spain
Ítaca Software Libre Sociedade Cooperativa Galega Spain
CKL Comunicaciones, S. Coop. And. Spain
ITC Cuatrovientos S. COOP. Spain
Confederación Española de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado COCETA Spain
Consultoría Social y Educativo S.Coop.Mad Spain
Mondragon Cooperative Corporation Spain
Som Energia sccl Spain
Unión de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado UGACOTA Spain
Asociación Andaluza de Centros de Enseñanza de Economía Social Spain
Conselleria de Traballo e Benestar-Xunta de Galicia Spain
Grupo Cuarto Canal Spain
Xeitura: xestión integral do Patrimonio Cultural Spain
Kotikawatta Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd Sri Lanka
Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich ABZ Switzerland
Cooperatives Unit, International Labour Organization Switzerland
Cooperative Kality,Technologie and Management Togo
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Customs and Trade Directorate General for Cooperative Turkey
CareerServe United Kingdom
LASA (Loans and Savings Abertawe) Credit Union United Kingdom
Plymouth Energy Community United Kingdom
Social Economy & Co-operative Development Cornwall United Kingdom
the 3rdi magazine United Kingdom
The Communications Co-operative United Kingdom
Unicorn Grocery United Kingdom
Sir Thomas Wharton Community College United Kingdom
Birley Learning Community United Kingdom
Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership United Kingdom
Regather Co-operative Limited United Kingdom
A2Z Probate Research Ltd United Kingdom
Alpha Communication Ltd United Kingdom
Association of British Credit Unions Ltd United Kingdom
Calverts United Kingdom
Cda (BRAVE Ltd) United Kingdom
Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society Ltd United Kingdom
Community Power Cornwall United Kingdom
Confederation of Co-operative Housing United Kingdom LLP United Kingdom
Co-op Culture United Kingdom
Co-operantics United Kingdom
Co-operative Assistance Network Limited United Kingdom
Co-operative Business Consultants United Kingdom
Co-operative College United Kingdom
Co-operative Futures United Kingdom
Co-operative Heritage Trust United Kingdom
Co-operative Press Ltd United Kingdom
Co-operative Wealth United Kingdom
Co-operatives London United Kingdom
Co-operatives North East United Kingdom
Co-operatives UK United Kingdom
Co-operatives West Midlands United Kingdom
Delta-T Devices United Kingdom
essential trading worker coop United Kingdom
Ethecol-The Card Payments Coop United Kingdom
Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC United Kingdom
on the eighth day co-op United Kingdom
Penarth Music Coop United Kingdom
Plunkett Foundation United Kingdom
Principle Six United Kingdom
Public Affairs Co-operative Ltd United Kingdom
Right to But Co-op Ltd United Kingdom
SAOS (Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society) United Kingdom
Schools Co-operative Society United Kingdom
Scottish League of Credit Unions United Kingdom
Sharenergy United Kingdom
South East Co-operative Support United Kingdom
Sustainable Enterprise Strategies United Kingdom
The Fuel Co-op United Kingdom
The Phone Co-op United Kingdom
Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency United Kingdom
United Diversity United Kingdom
Wave Design Ltd United Kingdom
Revolver Co-operative Ltd United Kingdom
DomainsDotCoop United Kingdom
Co-operative & Community Finance United Kingdom
FairShares Association United Kingdom
CoRE50 United Kingdom
Woodcraft Folk United Kingdom
Young Cooperators United States
CooperationWorks! United States
Cooperative Grocer Network United States
Electric Embers Cooperative United States
Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket & Pharmacy United States
High Five Co-op Brewery, Inc. United States
HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative United States
Neighboring Food Co-op Association United States
Northeast Investment Cooperative United States
Our Table Cooperative United States
Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance United States
Small Potatoes United States
The Cooperative Way United States
Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation United States
U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council, Inc. United States
USA Cooperative Youth Council United States
Minnesota Cooperative Education Foundation United States
Delridge Grocery Cooperative United States
Green Tomato Grocery United States
Snowdrift United States
DotCoop United States
Good Information Business Cooperative United States
National Cooperative Business Association United States
Bank Transfer Day United States
American Sunroot Growers Mutual Association United States
Cooperativa SocioProyectos Ambientales, R.L. Venezuela

You can apply at